I attended a funeral today.

Irene was 93 and a half years old and had made several close friendships with people from all over the world. She was known for her kindness, generosity, hospitality, faith, and her mischievous sense of humour…right to the end.

Had she not taken a severe fall about 5 years ago, and several more since, would she have continued riding about on her bicycle down to this day?

I guess so.

Do you know an Irene?

I want you to learn an important business lesson from her. A lesson on how to help your business grow.

Achieving Your Goals in Business

Irene wasn’t a business woman. And it’s fair to say it wouldn’t have suited her.

But while our thoughts and memories had nothing to do with business, there are lessons that I want to share with you.

Many in attendance knew Irene well for half a century or more. I knew her for almost 13 years. But I got to know her very well, especially during the past few years. And what I observed, as was confirmed by what many others said, is that when she was able, she set about achieving her goals with energetic diligence.

Yes, she achieved so much for herself and others and built a reputation to match. So much so that she attracted the kind of people that she liked. And that helped her reputation grow.

Can you honestly say the same about you and your business?

More important, can you honestly say the same about you and your life?

Learn From Those Memories

At the crematorium, I was invited to offer a prayer. I’m experienced at speaking before audiences, but this was tough, very tough.

However, I mentioned how important it is that we continue to hold those memories dear and to go about life with the same determination.

Do you see how this also relates to your business success?

When I arrived home, I reflected on what happened today. Then I took a walk and reflected even more.

The result?

I felt inspired to finish this post.

Don’t Let Your Business Die Before Achieving Your Goals

For a while, I have been keeping a low profile and quietly working on long-term goals in the background.

This post, like countless others, was still a mishmash of ideas in my head (and on various digital applications). I had been planning this post for about six weeks. Teaching the same lesson, but with a different story, a different context, a different introduction, a different mood, a different conclusion, and even a different style of writing (I think – let me know).

So what changed?

I felt compelled to get this done…today! I can be extemporaneous (look it up) and put together a presentation of sorts as quickly as it takes to present it, like this one. But I also know I can do much better, and it would have taken me forever to muse and chop and change ideas.

But tonight is about achieving this one goal. Not only for me but for you.

  • For your business to have longevity it must keep active like Irene did.
  • For your business to have longevity it must care about others like Irene did.
  • For your business to have longevity it must achieve its goals like Irene did.

Recently, Irene said: “I’ve lived a good life.”

I know for a fact that she lived through a lot of difficult times for many, many years. But until recently, she was so active that you would hardly know it.

Despite everything, she made it work. And that helped her grow.

Therefore, my lesson for you is this: don’t let your business die before achieving your goals.

Tell me. What goal will YOU achieve today?

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