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Start Adding Value to Your Clients

by | Aug 9, 2019

Do your client prospects think it’s cheaper elsewhere, although your services are better, specialised, or unique?

Start adding value to your clients.


Adding value to your clients

Why is adding value to your clients so important?

You know that your clients are valuable. Especially those who truly value your services and expertise. They know that you know them and that you are willing to go the extra mile for them.

As an expert in your field, you want to stand out as such and build upon your reputation so you can charge more for your services and expertise.

What does that involve?


Focus on benefits, and not features

Your client prospects assume that you must be an expert, and that is what they want and expect from you. Therefore, appeal to their reasons for engaging you.

Focus on the benefits of your services, and not the features.

This is something that I learned the hard way. Years ago, I spent too much effort on the features. And of course, (almost) nobody cared.

But through my years of experience and education in the industry, I learned what I was doing wrong.

When people buy, they purchase not only the features but the benefits of those features. Given the choice, we prefer to buy to satisfy our emotions.

Focus on what sets you apart from others. This may relate to your field of expertise. Your services may be unique and appeal to a specific market that’s happy to pay more for that privilege.

Show the client that you don’t do just that, but that you consider the whole process that makes that service work. For example, don’t entertain prospects who want “a website just to get something out there”. What they’re really looking for is a novice to do just that.

And that’s where’ll they eventually go.


Start adding value to your clients

Focus on features, and not benefits.

Stop selling, and start serving.

Start adding value with the content on your website. Then add more value when you next speak with your clients.

Then it will be easier to start adding value to your new clients.


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