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Are You Ready to Sell Your Expertise?

by | Feb 15, 2022

Are ready to sell your expertise?

What happens when you unexpectedly encounter a potential client opportunity? Do you instantly and confidently ask the correct filter questions? Do you ask them to book an appointment on your website? Do you give them an idea of what to expect?

Or do you make some excuse to put off making a decision or taking on new work at all?

Why? Because you’re not ready!

Yes, I have been guilty of this several times. From deflecting attention away from my website because I’m rebuilding it, to not having written blog articles to share and answer their questions.

And that has cost me a lot of time and money in wasted and lost opportunities.

The lesson?

Do you know who you want in a client?

Do you know what you can do for that client?

Do you know why they need your expertise?

Always be ready to sell your expertise.

Nathan Ambrose, Web Design Consultant.

Hi, I’m Nathan!

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