A few weeks ago, I chased up my business client on the day that my invoice became due. He always pays late, and I can’t afford to wait around. So I reminded him about the outstanding invoice. “Yes, I haven’t forgotten” he replied.

“I completely forgot to pay you.”

A few days ago he sent me a text message: “Hi Nathan, will you please text your bank details. I completely forgot to pay you.” That was despite the fact that my bank details are clearly shown on every invoice that I have ever raised.

“He forgot to pay! How can he forget to pay me?” I asked myself. After all, he was so keen for me to do the work urgently so he could secure a large contract for his business. As always, he had left it as late as possible before he called me. In fact, I had even stayed up through almost the whole night to do the bulk of the work before my very busy day ahead. Then, after receiving my invoice and reminder, he still forgot to pay!

Was I the Problem?

Then the answer hit me hard. Obviously, I had not charged him enough! Of course, I knew that anyway. He was my first business client, and he still contacts me from time to time for help because he loves my work. I undercharged him from the very first piece of work (to secure my first client) and have done so ever since. That is until the next time! I recognise that it is a problem that I need to address, and I am working on it.

What really made me think is that if I were to be in his position, how could I possibly forget to pay him. Being in that position plays on my mind all the time. Would I really forget any amount of money? No, unless I would feel that it is insignificant.

Things became clear to me. And I guess that for many of you, the reality of the following statement certainly rings true: The late-paying client who forgets to pay must have been undercharged!

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What Do You Think?

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