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Dress Your Website For the Clients You Want

by | Apr 21, 2020

You mean business!

So you dress for business.

So your client prospect showed interest, then failed to turn up to your scheduled meeting?

But you turned up anyway, just as your website would.

But did you use the opportunity to learn any lessons, then adjust your website accordingly?

Who do you want to work with?

Who do you not want to work with?

Your website has spoken.

What does your website say about you?

What does your website say about the clients you want to work with?

That you’re always ready, always present, always on time, and ready for business?

And what about your website?

Dress your website for the clients you want.

Nathan Ambrose, Web Design Consultant.

Hi, I’m Nathan!

Website Design Consultant in London. I help independent professionals and contractors to sell their expertise, by using strategic website design and content.