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This blog post explains 2 quick steps to get your business noticed quickly, easily, and for FREE. Try it now.


As business owners, we all know how important it is to get our business noticed. We need to get noticed, and we need to get noticed NOW.

But that’s an expensive business.

How is it possible to do that, and for free?

Do you have 5 minutes?

Take these two quick steps to get your business noticed NOW.


1. Comment

Imagine that you have just read an article. You saw the headline. You became curious. You clicked to learn more. You read the article. You related to it. You learned something useful. You read the comments.

What should you do now?

Should you now leave the website?

Should you read another article first?

Perhaps so.

But before that, should you not also add your comment?


Because your comment will add to the discussion and get your business noticed.

How is that possible?

That first quick step will ensure that your comment will be seen by:

  • The article writer.
  • Some or all who will read the article.
  • Some or all who will comment on the article.

Even when I used to comment on just the odd occasion, I saw traffic come to my website from blogs that I had commented on. Now, I put aside time each day to do this, and what a difference! My daily website traffic from these comments alone is better and more consistent than my total daily traffic from before.

Lesson: If you want to get your business noticed NOW, then leave a comment at the end of the post.


2. Share

When you see the practical value of something you have just read, what are you often likely to do next?

Do you talk about it?

If so, why?

We like to share our good experiences in the hope that others may benefit as we did. When we comment on blogs, other readers may benefit from our feedback, wisdom, and experience.

There is another advantage. Others too will share that article. If you comment then share, your comment will be seen by:

  • Some or all of your networks and beyond.
  • Some or all of the networks of the writer and beyond.
  • Some or all of the networks of the readers and beyond.
  • Some or all of the networks of the commenters who shared and beyond.

These networks may be social and professional communities and groups, including friends, families, acquaintances, colleagues, and followers. So who knows how far your message could reach?

Imagine how I felt three years ago when I first encountered Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise. He left a comment on one of my early posts, which ended with: “Power tips! I’ll RT to my 28K followers. Thanks :)” And he did! I received more web traffic. No doubt he and others who had already commented probably experienced the same.

Lesson: If you want your business to get noticed NOW, then share each post that you comment on.



When we make the effort to comment and share consistently, our potential reach has no limits. And it is possible to start right now.

By commenting and sharing, those 2 quick steps can get your business noticed NOW.

Think about that for a moment.

Then do it.