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Do you want to comment on a blog post, but don’t know what to say?

Here’s a proven solution that you can use right now.

As a shy person, I sympathise very much. I naturally feel like that too.

But after reading and commenting on countless articles, I’ve learned something about you and me. We DO know what to say!

Here’s why.

While you’re reading an article that moves you in some way, do you find yourself thinking or saying any of the following phrases?


“That’s So (Not) True!”

If you strongly agree or disagree with something that the writer said, it’s likely that you also nodded or shook your head.

Am I right?

Lesson: If a blog post moved you (literally) that strongly, it’s worth saying. So say it by writing a comment.


“I Get it, Now!”

This happened to me about 10 days ago when I read this marketing article by Don Purdum of Unveil the Web. I was already familiar with his analytical question: “what business am I really in?” but evidently I didn’t appreciate it fully until I read that article.

Then the penny dropped, and I got it! I really should have expressed that point better when I commented on his post. (But I hadn’t read THIS post yet!)


“OK. I’ve Changed My Mind!”

Again, if the writer has changed your opinion, isn’t that something worth commenting about? I’m sure he or she and your fellow readers are keen to learn from your experience.

That’s happened to me a few times, which takes us swiftly to my next point.


“That’s (Not) What Happened to Me!”

There’s nothing like feeling that you are right there in the blogger’s shoes, living the same experience. I’m sure that he or she will appreciate you for sharing your same experience and feelings.

But if that’s NOT what happened to you, make that point. That’s your contribution to the discussion. And YOUR comment may well become the next talking point!


“This is Exactly What I Needed!”

When you’ve read an article that’s exactly what you needed, how did it feel?

That’s why it’s worth saying it as a comment.

In my experience, those comments are the most appreciated. (Hint!)


“[Insert Name(s)] Should Read This!”

It is good that we naturally keep an eye or two open for our (un)trusted friends, family members, and colleagues. Helping each other is essential, and we appreciate it when somebody finds something that interests us.

What about you?

Would you recommend an article to a friend?

Do you know anybody who needs this article?

Before you share this post with them, please comment below. After reading your heartfelt comment on a published post, they may take your advice more seriously.


“You Missed [Insert Point(s)]!”

If you are nodding and saying that about this post, then that’s great! I left out a few tricks that I’ve seen others use.

Because my articles are based on my own experiences, I didn’t include them on this occasion. So please share any tips that work for you. Between you and me, let’s help as many people as possible.


Bonus Tip!

There have been so many occasions when I tried a suggestion and discovered that it worked! What is more, it was exactly what I needed!

So what did I do?

On occasion, I have returned to the blog to express my thanks.

However, I really ought to do this more – much more.

What about you?


Anything Else?

  • What did you strongly agree or disagree with?
  • Which point(s) did you finally ‘get’ for the first time?
  • How has your opinion changed since reading this post?
  • What similar or contrary experiences have you encountered?
  • How was this article exactly what you needed?
  • Who else do you think should read this article?
  • What tips did I miss?

Now that you know what to say, you’ve got no excuse. You want to comment on my blog post and you DO know what to say.

I’m listening…