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Get More Clients Fast for Your Services

by | Jun 4, 2018

This article explains how to get more clients fast, the fastest way to get clients, and the rewards of doing the hustle to find clients.

Service-based business owners need a regular and quick supply of clients to survive. Therefore, we often ask: what is the fastest way to get clients?

How would you answer?

The fact is, there is no absolute answer to that. But the principle is the same. And the fact that we all know some who did that, perhaps including yourself, confirms that to be true.

But how?

No doubt, you’re familiar with the idea of just getting yourself out there, and showing people who you are. You may find the idea daunting, but it’s not a bad idea, is it?

In fact, that huge leap forward often opens the door to the fastest way to find clients.


What is the fastest way to get clients?

Let’s suppose that you are not busy with clients at the moment. For example, you’ve hit a sticking point. Or perhaps you finally made the brave but necessary decision to accept only the most profitable clients.

Let’s break this down logically.

How will your ideal clients get to know, like, and trust you, unless they know you exist?

How will your dream clients engage you, unless they know you exist?

Do they even know you exist?

They sure will, if you show up, and show them who you are.

This may involve you getting out there in person, and walking the streets. Surely, some will notice you then.

And if they don’t?

Dare I say it, you may even need to hustle.

But should you hustle to find clients?


Should you hustle to find clients?

Yes, if necessary. After all, you’re self-employed.

So isn’t that just a part of what you do?

It may even give you the break that you’re looking for.

For example, I was inspired recently by the example of Bianca. She set herself a target of 20 design clients for her brand new business. And she succeeded. With much effort and determination, she hustled and bustled her way to those 20 clients in just 48 hours. And that was before social media as we know it today!

I, too have acquired clients in that way. Although without the ability to put in the same time and energy as she did. However, I like to test out new ideas by hustling before they go live. Bianca’s example has inspired me to get hustling already with my next idea, at the time of publishing this post.


Doing the hustle to find clients

Would you do the hustle to find clients?

No, I’m not referring to the classic tune, but to taking the brave steps to get out there, get noticed, and get clients fast.

How could you go about it?

Take Bianca’s example. She set out a definite plan, then executed it. This involved walking the streets, knocking on doors, and engaging real people who keep saying “no”. But the more she tried, the more she found who said “yes”.

However, a word of warning. The quality of clients may suffer because of this. But there is a solution to further qualify your prospects.

What is that?

To direct them to your website, which is laser-focused on your target audience, and demonstrates the quality of your work. This really does make or break clients fast.

So don’t be afraid to hustle to find clients.


Get more clients fast

How are you going to get more clients fast?

I’d love to read your experiences in the comments below. As for me, I will continue to test my new services on some select local businesses, and learn from their feedback. In December, this will show on my new website.

What about you?

Please comment and share. Thank you.


Nathan Ambrose, Web Design Consultant.

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