The Importance of Listening to Your Clients

May 31, 2018 | 15 comments

This blog post explains the importance of listening to your clients’ needs, and how to really listen to your clients’ needs effectively.

Do you listen to your clients’ needs carefully?

Really carefully?


Listen carefully

Bob’s mother had three children. The first was called April. The second was called May.

And the third was called…?

A few years ago, I used this riddle as the opening to my presentation about paying attention to how we listen. When I paused for the audience to reflect on the answer, one brave woman called out: “June!”.

I paused a bit longer, then continued: “If you said it was June, then the good news is that you’re one of the majority. However, the bad news is: you’re wrong! The correct answer is Bob.”

The resulting muffled groans and guilty laughs that followed from the audience confirmed the point. Listening is not about hearing and speculating. It’s about paying attention to the facts.


The importance of listening to your clients’ needs

Although my experience was not work-related, I’m sure that you can relate to this. No doubt you like to check the fine details of clients’ needs and service agreements carefully so that you don’t make any expensive mistakes.

Sometimes careful listening or the failure to listen (by either party) can determine whether or not a working relationship can be formed.

Sometimes the above will determine whether or not you attract your ideal client.

That is why your website must reflect the fact that you listen to your prospective clients’ needs.

How is this possible?


How to listen to your clients’ needs effectively

It’s likely that you already have a screening system for your prospective clients. Some service professionals schedule an initial consultation. Some send a questionnaire to be completed and returned. Some do both.

Whatever system you use, make sure that this is very clear on your website. Seeing this alone may assure some prospects to feel that they are being listened to already. And when you are presented with the opportunity to engage, this will be an excellent opportunity to really LISTEN.

What is he or she REALLY saying?

What is he or she NOT saying?

And why?

Take a true interest in your clients. And REALLY listen to your clients’ needs, carefully.

And don’t forget. Some of your future clients may be your current blog readers.

So ask yourself: “What do people really want to read on my blog?”

Take the time and effort to research, then adjust your website and content to their needs.

What works for you and your clients? What stories would you like to share?

Please leave your comment below, then share this article on your social networks.

Thank you.


  1. RyanKBiddulph

    Serving the needs of your reader are where it’s at Nathan! Great post, thanks for sharing, and keep on networking buddy….I see you everywhere! Great work 😉

  2. nathanambrose

    Thanks, Ryan.

    I see you everywhere, too. I’ve been making an effort recently to put myself out there. It goes against my nature to get noticed, but it needs to be done!

  3. Harleena Singh

    Hi Nathan,

    Interesting question that something that most bloggers ask themselves and their readers, some time or the other. 

    I’d also conducted a survey on my blog to find out about what my readers wanted to read and that guided me in the right direction. Surprisingly, they wanted me to blog about blogging, writing, and other things, which i slowly added to my existing categories, so it does help. But overall, write for your readers and yourself too, about what interests you as well, then you never go wrong.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  4. nathanambrose

    Harleena Singh Thanks, Harleena.

    I didn’t realise that so many people ask about that. But I, too, intend to add categories accordingly.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi Nathan,
    What a pleasant surprise to be here.
    I am here via my post at IBA and from your comment there.
    Thank you so much for dropping by.
    Yes, it a wonderful and thought provoking question you asked here! All bloggers think and should ask to themselves as well as to the readers, that you did here LOL
    Yes our readers are the king here
    Let us ask them, and t the same time let us do it for them LOL
    Have a great week ahead
    ~ Phil

    • Nathan Ambrose

      Thank you for dropping by and commenting, Phil.

      Yes, we are here to serve our readers, so we need to know what their needs are.

  6. Carol Amato

    Hi, Nathan,

    What a wonderful topic for discussion, you did a great job.

    READERS! You are spot on, my friend, they are the most important. I get a lot of ideas for what my readers want to hear about from e-mails containing questions from my subscribers. Now granted that doesn’t always happen, some people don’t sign-up to a list, and just land on your blog to read…

    However, research, as you have stated, does help, and also sites like Buzz Sumo where you can see the most popular articles for different keywords help.

    I will be sharing with friends, thank you.


    • Nathan Ambrose

      Hi Carol.

      Thank you for sharing your comment.

      I have seen Buzz Sumo before, and even signed up. But I never followed through with it for some reason.

      I seem to recall that I found it a bit overwhelming. But I’ve seen it mentioned so many times that I may take another look.


      • Carol Amato

        Yes, you would just type in the URL of a particular site you respect or compete with….Then you’ll see their most popular content. That alone sparks tons of ideas.

        Seeing the social shares and what’s ‘gone viral’ really helps to know what folks are buzzing about. 🙂

  7. Matt Hayden

    That’s a good question and has certainly got me thinking about my own approach to blogging. I’ve always blogged primarily for myself, I think. I’ve just written my views about various subjects and hoped that other people find them interesting.

    This approach is enjoyable, but then it doesn’t create much engagement. That’s something I’ve got to address, I think.

    But back to your question: My answer to it is to say I want to see more thought provoking blog posts like this one that pose interesting questions.

    • Nathan Ambrose

      Hi Matt.

      I can understand how writing about what you feel like writing can be so much easier. And I’m sure that others who feel the same way about your view will like to read and hopefully engage.

      However, I have noticed that the most engaging posts tend to offer specific solutions. In fact, I have been putting together some ideas for future posts. All of them are in the form of questions that people might search for online.

      Hopefully, I’ll reach more of my target audience that way.

      I’m going over to your blog now to have a read.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing.


  8. suresh lukhi

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  9. Jina

    Great and valuable blog post you wrote and shared! thanks for it, it will help me a lot.


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