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Terms of Service

“Reliable, pro-active and thinks like a business owner whilst behaving very much like a great team player. Great find! I would not hesitate to recommend him and believe he is excellent value for any business or individual that wishes to use him.”

John, Fitness Instructor



You (The Client) and I (Nathan Ambrose) will agree to any pricing details and payment plans of the project in writing, either on hard copy or by email.


Single Point of Contact

You (The Client), as the owner or an approved representative of the business, will be the single point of contact in communication with myself (Nathan Ambrose).



Websites and content require a non-refundable deposit of 50% to be paid to me (Nathan Ambrose) before work commences.

All remaining fees will be paid to me after the work is complete, and before I (Nathan Ambrose) transfer the work and its ownership to you (The Client).



Full rights and ownership of the work belong to me (Nathan Ambrose) until full payment has been made.


Scope Creep

I (Nathan Ambrose) reserve the right to adjust the price of the project should the scope increase significantly as requested by you (The Client).



You (The Client) and I (Nathan Ambrose) will agree to any deadlines in writing, either on hard copy or by email.

Both parties (Nathan Ambrose and The Client) will work to ensure by providing relevant communication and information as quickly and accurately as possible.

“An excellent piece of work. Delivered in double quick time precisely and accurately to the specification I required. I would happily use Nathan for this work in the future.”

Gary, Entrepreneur


Nathan Ambrose, Web Design Consultant.

Hi, I’m Nathan!

Website Design Consultant in London. I help specialist freelancers, consultants, and contractors to get more targeted clients with their website.

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