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Make More Time for Better Clients

by | Jun 1, 2018

This blog post explains how to make time for your better clients and still get more clients to your business.

Do you want to know how to make more time for your better clients?

If your professional services help multiple clients at once, how do you apportion your time?

Do you spend too much time on your worse clients, and not enough on your best clients?

If so, you’re not alone. And also, you’re not the only one who can change things for the better.

We all have 24 hours per day. But we use them uniquely. If you discover that you spend too much time on the wrong clients, it’s time for a change.


Why you need to make time

Imagine a large bucket. Now imagine some smooth, fine sand. Finally, imagine large rocks.

In your mind, place as many rocks as possible into the bucket, without any protruding over the top. Now fill the remainder of the bucket with sand. You now have a bucket full of rocks and sand.

Now empty the bucket and pour in the sand. Then try to place the rocks in the bucket.

What happened?

Is there enough space in the bucket?


How to make more time for better clients

Your ideal or better clients are like those large rocks. They’re the real deal, solid, stable, and full of substance.

The clients that waste your time are like the sand. They’re lightweight. They pass through your fingers with little to show for it. Yet they get everywhere, finding their way into your bucket, leaving less room for the clients who really matter and pay your bills.

The solution?

Make time for your most important clients first. Those whom you can least afford to lose. Those who are not fit for long-term relationships.

Serving your better clients is not simply a matter of time. It’s a matter of getting your priorities right.

Make this clear on your agenda.


The Importance of Time Management

Let’s face it. If something is that important to you, you’re going to make time for it somehow. And often it is to the detriment of things that ought to take priority. We may even feel guilty about it.

Then what happens at the last minute?

Yes, that mad rush to try to force the rocks into the bucket, with the obvious painful consequences.

Those lost clients.

That lost income.

That lost credibility.


Start to make time for better clients today

We all have the same amount of time. It’s how you use it that really counts!

Yes, we all have unique circumstances. But the principle is the same for you, as it is for me and all the other service-based professionals out there.

So, what will you do today to put things right?

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Thank you.

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