Service-Based Website Consulting Packages and Pricing

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Website consulting services in person or by Skype. I will advise you on client targeting, website structure, content strategy, and content marketing.

Audience Targeting

Not as easy as it looks. You’ll learn exactly what business you’re in and who your target audience is.

Website Structure

You will learn the type of website and structure that you’ll need to serve your target market.


Content Strategy

You will learn why content matters more than anything else, and how to use it to target the right visitors.


Content Marketing

You will learn the importance and techniques of getting your content and expertise out there.

Via Skype

Unless agreed otherwise, I will conduct your consultation session via Skype at a mutually agreed date and time. If you’re in the United Kingdom, we may converse by telephone instead, if you prefer.

The session will last for up to one hour.

In Person

At your request, I will conduct your consultation session in person, at a mutually agreed location in West London, or at a practical distance nearby.

The session will last for up to one hour.

Please Note

Due to the various demands on my time and expense, I can commit to an appointment only after payment has been made in full. In the unlikely event that I fail to attend an appointment, I will refund your payment in full.

Consulting Packages