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You’re an Expert. Own It!

by | Feb 13, 2022

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

Do you compare what you earn with ‘real’ experts, and think: “what am I doing here?”

Here’s a lesson for you (and me).

Several years ago, I did some very ‘cheap’ hourly paid work for a client. I stayed with him for a few years while he picked my brain about one bright new business project after another.

Although I was paid very little (while he earned a lot), he did tell me that he viewed me as his consultant.

And yes, I was.

But the money made me feel otherwise. Compared to semingly everybody else with the same or less experience and expertise, I felt otherwise.

However, when I finally took the courage the call it a day and part our ways, he was so upset that he called me back to meet with him and discuss.


Because he truly valued my work, my attitude toward helping him, my reliability, and my work rate.

The lesson?

Don’t compare yourself to others who earn so much more than you do.

If your clients are happy to pay for your expertise, they may have a point.

You’re an expert.

Own it!

Nathan Ambrose, Web Design Consultant.

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