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Custom WordPress Websites for Entrepreneurs

Here’s Why

Custom WordPress websites provide a simple solution to gain a foothold in digital marketing.

With custom WordPress websites and targeted content, you can provide some business solutions that your prospects are looking for.

“To truly establish yourself and succeed online, all your marketing efforts must lead your interested prospects to one place – your website.”

Here’s How

With the majority of people trying to be exactly the same, it is the few who are themselves that truly stand out.

So should your business. So should your website. So let’s talk about you, your business, and your website.

Here’s What I Do For You

How may I help you today?

WordPress Websites

Increase website traffic and get more clients online with hand-crafted WordPress websites designed to grow your business.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance services including WordPress installation, core and plugin updates, plus migration across domains.

WordPress Consultancy

WordPress consultancy services for an hour or two of my time, for one-to-one WordPress support online or in person.

Here’s The Deal

What to expect from my simple rules and terms of service.

For Websites

We will agree to a fixed fee in writing by email before work commences.

I will build the website on my domain and will provide you with access to view the work in progress.

You will pay me a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total fee before work commences.

At my discretion, I may charge for extra requests that we did not agree to beforehand.

We will agree to extra requests and adjustments to charges etc. in writing by email.

Upon successful completion of the site, you will pay me all remaining fees before I migrate the site to your domain.

After successful website migration, I will transfer to you all rights of the website and any properties attached etc.

For Maintenance

We will agree to a fixed fee in writing by email before I commence work.

I will not charge for any task that I cannot successfully carry out, and may adjust the fee accordingly.

You will pay the agreed or adjusted fee upon successful execution of the tasks agreed.

For Consultancy

You will pay a non-refundable fee for a complete hour of consultancy time in advance, whether the appointment is to be by telephone, online, or in person.

The maximum consultancy period will be for one hour, which I may choose to extend at my discretion for no extra charge.

A Few of My Clients

“I doubted very much whether anything could be done for my website. But Nathan pulled it off in style. Amazing! A very honest guy who knows his stuff. Highly recommended.”

George A.

“An excellent piece of work. Delivered in double quick time precisely and accurately to the specification I required. I would happily use Nathan for this work in the future.”


“Nathan worked very hard for us and produced a talented piece of writing. A lovely person to deal with and a real writing gem.”

Victoria B.

Dare to Be Different and Dare to Be Right

Let’s make an impact today.

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